Building Love Renovation Update – Week of August 31

The end is in sight! This week brings the final touches on several spaces. The Sanctuary doors in the new connector between the Sanctuary and lobby are having closers installed this week. In addition, plumbers are here today checking for leaks in the baptistry area (they’ve found one, and are already hard at work fixing it!). The remainder of the week will bring some final coats of paint in the interior stairwell from the lobby to Fellowship Hall, and in the connector between the Sanctuary and the lobby, as well as some touch up on the lobby columns. Finally, ceiling tiles are being installed in the landing space at the bottom of the new stairwell.

Next week, we anticipate the handrails will be installed on the exterior stairwell to Fellowship Hall off of Cherokee Road, and final painting of that stairwell will take place as well.

This past Sunday, we were able to use the new connector between the Sanctuary and lobby for the first time and we encourage you to add this as an option in your pattern of moving through the building on Sunday mornings.

We continue to anticipate that our project should be complete by the end of next week, and we anticipate being able to use the baptistry within a week or so. We are so grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through these final days of our season of renovation. –Renee Purtlebaugh