Building Love Renovation Update – Week of August 10

While work continues around the building in various areas, the main focus this week is the baptistery tub. As part of the renovation process, the tub is receiving a new fiberglass finish, new hardware and new plumbing. Rain last week delayed the process of finishing wood trim in the baptistery (the wood is cut and prepared outdoors), and will be completed early this week. Beginning Wednesday, the fiberglass refinishing process will take place. It is possible that the odor from this process may be noticeable in the building throughout the week. After the fiberglass work is completed, plumbers will return next week to test the connections and water flow. This will ensure that our refurbished tub is functional and has no leaks.

We are hopeful that we will reach the conclusion of the construction portion of our project in the next one to two weeks. Signage and landscaping will follow soon after. We are so grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this final portion of our season of renovation. –Renee Purtlebaugh