“Love Builds” at June 7 Renovation Reveal

Reveal Ribbon CuttingOn a beautiful summer afternoon in Louisville – Saturday, June 7 – Highland celebrated a historic moment in the life of our church, as we cut the ribbon to reveal the efforts of our year-long Building Love renovation project. As families flooded into the new lobby space and fully renovated and restored educational space for children and youth, the Spirit of new life rushed among us and within us. Members, neighbors, and friends of all ages came and saw what God has done among us! The day was full with excitement, movement, and celebration. 

Click here for the words that Highland’s Minister to Children and their Families, Renee Purtlebaugh, read at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our Love Builds Renovation Reveal on June 7.

An initiative of this magnitude simply could not take place without the hands, time, dreams, and money of hundreds who worked tirelessly to make it so! A great percentage of Highlanders have played a role in Building Love. Financial gifts large and small, tasks large and small, high-level skills and simple labor, out-front leadership and behind-the-scene details.

Reveal 2As Joe Phelps prayed in the Dedicatory Prayer that day: This initiative depicts the rich diversity of your church, for no one of us could have enacted this transformation alone. It has taken visionaries and tacticians, artists and laborers, feelers and financiers, the prophetic and the practical, architects and electricians, designers and ditch diggers. And it has taken the collective offerings of all your children to fund such a dream.

We thank each of you, and name the following people who played specific roles:


Facilities Needs Task Force (June-November 2011)

This group was tasked with the tangible exploration of our existing space across age and demographic lines to see what needs persist. Their initial report called “Project: Renovation” was the first churchwide intentional conversation that began our renovation journey.  The group included:

Greg Bunten

Linda Gray, chair

Bob Harrett

Jim Hawkins

Tracy Holladay

Derek Hostetter

Steve McSwain

John Pacyga

Bruce Rogers

Victor Rowe

Kim Shippey


Feasibility/Fundraising Ad Hoc Committee (Created November 2011 to Present)Reveal 16

This group was tasked with the preparation for and oversight of our Building Love capital campaign. The group included:

Lee Cave

Phil Collier

Molly Garrett

Kathey Golightly Sanders

Tracy Holladay, chair

Doris Hornbuckle

Sheryl Lauder

Steve McSwain


Space Exploration Task Force (September 2009-May 2010)Reveal 4

This group was tasked with exploring “Possible Futures” by evaluating our current space at the time, keeping functionality and usage in mind, by evaluating growth trends of the then recent past and using these to establish new benchmarks from which future growth and space needs could be predicted and to make a presentation of our findings to the then Ministry Planning Team. The group included:

Joshua Bonnett

Ashley Campbell

Suzanne Harrett

Richard Hornbuckle

Bruce Rogers

Sharon Sanders

Lauren Swim


Implementation Ad Hoc Committee (Created November 2011 to Present)Reveal 5

This group was tasked with coordinating all pieces of our renovation project including scope, budget, timing and sequence of construction, loan management, funds management, and communication between the architect, contractor, and church. The group included:

Kori Andrews

Linda Gray

Bob Harrett, Chair

Steve Helm

Jim McBee

Dan Moyers

John Pacyga

Matt Ridge

Victor Rowe

Ethan Shippey

Tonya Williams

Karen Womack

Barbara Young

Richard Hornbuckle, ex officio

Renee Purtlebaugh, staff liaison


Building Love Capital Campaign Leadership Teams (Names in bold italics are team co-directors.) IMG_0055

These groups were tasked with the complete coordination and implementation of the fundraising and follow-up for all aspects of our Building Love capital campaign. The group included:


Campaign Directors:

Jason Baker

Jennifer Baker

Phil Collier


Campaign Coordinator:

Lauren Blackwell


Children & Youth:Reveal 7

David French

Dianna French

Megan Fuller

Nathan Iler

Ben Martin

Geoff Meehan

Michele Smith

Ron Smith

Liddell Vaughn

Michelle Vaughn

Paxton Vaughn

Katie Williams


Commitment:Reveal 8

Joshua Bonnett

Lee Cave

Doris Hornbuckle

Joey Eubank

Procter Eubank

Cleve Iler

Lou Ann Iler

Billie Johnson

Becky Martin

Bill Martin

Dan Moyers

Dave Nakdimen

Wanda Nakdimen

Bill Ockerman

Sarah Smith

Mark Stewart


Communications:Reveal 13

Mac Brown

Rebecca Brown

Susan Coleman Layman

Cheryl Davis

Robert Davis

Bill Campbell

Tony Carney

Ethan Estes

Lisa Estes

Matt Jablow

Jeff Layman

Bill Luster



Bonnie Lindsay

Matt Ridge

Mary Ann Ridge

Kelly Young




Tony Carney

Lisa Cosby

Rob Cosby

Ronnie Gilbert

Marsha Mitchell

Jon Newgard

Susan Newgard

Harold Omer

Stacy Omer

David Swim

Lauren Swim

Chet Watson

Phyllis Watson

Marilyn Whisler

Lynn Womack

Karen Womack



Leadership Cultivation:Reveal 11

Tracy Holladay

Hans Poppe

Jeri Poppe

Ken Pierce

Susan Pierce

Malcolm Watts

Vicki Watts

Matt Williams

Tonya Williams



Doris Anderson

Timothy Breeding

Jean Brown

Rob Burke

Mary Cooksey

Colleen Craft

Bob Elliott

Tish Gardner

Bill Mosier

Penny Mosier

Susan Omer

Joe Powell

Sue Rowe

Lisa Shaffer

Carol Stanton

Dave Tucker

Marilyn Tucker

Alice Vardiman

Carolyn Zoeller


Spiritual Life:Reveal 14

Mary Burks

Bruce Carroll

Virenee Chatmon

Robert Kahne

Elizabeth Milazzotto

Fred Moffatt

Gordon Newton

Karen Park

Anita Roper

Richard Schnelle

Ben Secaur


Vision Awareness:Reveal 15

Sam Barrett

Bob Belcher

Kathy Belcher

Diane Brewer

Ruby Burke

Alecia Fuller

Kathey Golightly Sanders

Mark Golightly Sanders

Reece Little

Sandy Little

Doug Lowry

Todd Metcalf

Beth Metcalf

Dean Sipe

Naomi Sipe 


Professional and Staff LeadershipReveal 16

Ashley Cadwell, Educational Consultant, Cadwell Collaborative

John Hewett, Capital Campaign Strategist, Hewett Consulting

Julie Meehan, Interior Designer and Highland member, Studio 360 Design

John Pacyga, Landscape Designer and Highland member, Verdant Design

Joe Phelps, Pastor, Fundraising staff liaison

Renee Purtlebaugh, Minister to Children and their Families, Implementation staff liaison

Bruce Rogers, Architect and Highland member, CBR Architects