Building Love Renovation Update – Week of June 22

As we move into the final weeks of our Building BL1 062214Love project, there have been several visible changes that you may have already seen and enjoyed. Last week brought the completion of the Commons with new carpet and new paint to refresh the space.

This week, work has also continued in our new lobby area. The ceramic tile that will be our flooring in that area was finally released from customs, and work began last week as the tiles were laid in the lobby area. The lobby area will remain closed for the remainder of this week. In addition, the central stairwell is shut down until Friday as they lay the tile in the main landing connecting the Commons, Education Building, Lobby and stairwell. After the tile is laid, grouting will begin soon thereafter so that the stairwell can re-open by the end of the week for Friday Church. If you have a meeting this week, please plan to use the elevator!

Work has also begun on the public sidewalk on the Cherokee Road side of our building. You may remember that our water main leak several months ago caused the sidewalk to be damaged in order to make the repair. BL2 062214The forms have been built, and soon the concrete will be poured.

Work also continues in the exterior stairwell leading down to Fellowship Hall as well as in the baptistry area. The most recent timeline information indicates that we may complete our project within the next 3-4 weeks.

We are so grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this final portion of our season of renovation. –Renee