Building Love Renovation Update – Week of April 27

It is an incredible feeling to share that the second floor portion of our project will be complete in less than two weeks! The staff walked throughbl1 042714 the second floor today, and very visible changes have taken place in the past several days.

Last week, our construction team was able to finish laying all of the tile flooring in our children’s classrooms. In addition, the wooden bench that lines the children’s hallway was installed and all of the cabinetry hardware and shelving was completed. Our final plumbing inspection was completed last week as well.

bl2 042714To our surprise, the backordered carpet actually arrived in the building today! In the youth room, the carpet is already in process of being installed. The picture of the carpeted room today is a space that once held an old air handler that has since been removed and transformed into usable classroom space. This week will also bring additional inspections of our fire alarm system, as well as the final electrical inspection.

Inside the lobby space, installation of the stone squares has been completed. Inside the baptistery area, framing for new dressing rooms has been completed. The tower Sanctuary doors have been sent away for refurbishing. Outside, bl4 042714unfortunately the rainy conditions have caused the installation of the stone squares to pause temporarily. However, the team made great progress last week and as soon as the weather is good, the construction team anticipates about 3-4 more days of installation before the exterior wall will be complete.

We look forward to the temporary certificate of occupancy being granted next Friday, May 9. We continue to anticipate that the lobby and yard work will be completed by June 6 in time for the grand reveal of our space on Saturday, bl3 042714June 7, 3:00-5:00 p.m. Please make plans now to join us for this exciting day! With the completion of the baptistery work by the end of June, our Building Love Renovation will soon draw to a close.

We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this season. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these waters of renovation together. –Renee Purtlebaugh