Building Love Renovation Update – Week of April 20

On this Tuesday post-Easter, we look ahead to the completion of construction on our second floor in just three weeks! After construction is bl1 042014complete, a temporary certificate of occupancy will allow us to begin a period of weeks beginning May 12 to assemble furniture, stock cabinets, orient teachers and give the space some personal touches that will make it feel like home. We anticipate using our newly renovated second floor space for the first time in early June.

In order to get to mid-May, there are still several pieces of the second floor project underway. Two preschool classrooms now have tile flooring, and we anticipate that the rest of the classrooms will have tile flooring installed by the end of the week. Due to backordered materials, the carpet in our new space will be one of the last materials installed the week of May 5. Our hallway in the children’s area will now have an upholstered bench lining the wall (perfect for parents waiting to pick up their children!), and the wooden structure of the bench has arrived this week to be installed. Upholstery for the bench seat will begin shortly thereafter. The glass inserts are now installed in our classroom doors, all of the cabinets are installed, and shelving/brackets are being made and added to these shelving units.

bl2 042014Outside in the lobby space, the stone square installation continues and should be complete by the end of this week. If the weather holds out, it’s possible that the exterior stone installation might also be complete by the end of the week. This is a much quicker installation process than previously anticipated, which means that the next pieces of the lobby project can move ahead more quickly. Very soon, the wall that has served as a dust partition between the central stairwell and the new lobby space will be removed and a plastic dust partition installed so that drywall and electrical work can begin in the lobby area.

We also have been updated on the project completion timeline. We anticipate that the second floor will be complete by May 9, and the lobby and yard work will be complete by June 6 if the weather holds. The baptistry work should be completed by the end of June. We anticipate a grand reveal of both the second floor and the lobby space the afternoon of Saturday, June 7. Mark your calendar now for what we hope is the final date shared for our grand opening!

We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this season. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these waters of renovation together. –Renee Purtlebaugh