Building Love Renovation Update – Week of March 30

For sun and warmer weather this week, we give thanks! As we continue renovation work this first week of April, we find our project in the midst of a good amount of detailed work. Outside, the team continues to prepare the exterior wall for stone installation. The engraved stone will be delivered this week, and installation of the stone in the new lobby should begin by Friday. Like a domino effect, after the interior stone is affixed, the exterior stone will be installed and the final finishes on the glass façade will take place.

On the second floor, our construction crew is hard at work installing cabinetry in classrooms, and should complete this task very soon! In addition, all of the hardware related to doors is being installed as well (think door handles, etc.). The ceiling tiles have also arrived, so we anticipate an above ceiling inspection in the next couple of days and by the end of this week, preparations to install the ceiling tiles will begin. Mirrors and grab bars have arrived for the bathrooms and will be installed this week as well. Finally, each of our classroom doors will have magnetic closers attached to the fire alarm system. In the event the alarm goes off, these doors will automatically shut as a safety feature. The closers are installed, and this week, our electricians are connecting wiring to these closers, as well as installing the fire alarm system.

In the next week or two, the process on the second floor will begin to move very quickly as ceiling tile, floor tile, and carpet are all installed and as our classrooms receive their final coats of paint. At that point, the focus of work will return to the new lobby and the baptistry area.

We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this season. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these waters of renovation together. –Renee Purtlebaugh