How Does God Work?

“You’re a pastor; tell me how God works.”

I don’t know, but here’s a story: Highland’s sanctuary doors were accidentally left unlocked on Sunday. Later that evening, well after dark, a homeless woman came in through the unlocked doors, and wandered through the blackened sanctuary and hallways in search of some help. She had money; she just didn’t know where to go or how to get there.

She stumbled onto the True Colors gathering in Fellowship Hall as they watch the film The Elephant Man, a story about an unsightly person who was shunned by others.

Even though it was dark, and even though they were probably unsure of what to do, and even though sometimes helping can become like tarpaper, David and Susan decided to follow a Voice inside them and offered to help this stranger, Joyce, find a place to stay.  Joyce asked if they could wait so she could get the few possessions she owned that she’d squirreled away somewhere nearby for safe keeping. On her way back to the church from her hiding place she got turned around. Lost again, she was found by a police officer, who listened to her story and came by the church to ask if it helps homeless people.

Connected again, David and Susan, like the Good Samaritan in Jesus’ parable, loaded Joyce in a car, drove her to the Hotel Louisville, and got her settled in.

The whole series of events made David and Susan both late getting to their homes after a long day, and yet they both expressed gratitude for the chance to help another human being with the love of Christ.

We wouldn’t even know this story if someone hadn’t asked around about why in the world the doors were unintentionally wide open on Monday morning when the custodian arrived (not a good habit or a pattern we want to repeat, especially on a cold, cold night!).

Responding to the mystery of the open doors, David concluded, “Not sure who might have unlocked the doors, but we were able to help someone because of it.”

How does God work?

You tell me.  ~ Joe Phelps