Building Love Renovation Update – Week of January 26

Despite the cold weather, work continues in our space. A tour of our upstairs spaces today would reveal the installation of classroom door frames in the children’s hall, and the beginning stages of installation of cylindrical, floor to 1-26-14ceiling wraps that will surround the orange and red steel columns throughout the space. In addition, work continues on the baptistry area—where even today the stone is being removed from the Juliet Norton window opening to create a doorway from the new lobby space into the piano side of the Sanctuary, giving us a new indoor exit and entry point to the Sanctuary. As you can imagine, it is cold work to be outdoors in this frigid weather, chipping away at stone and reconfiguring this important space in the life of our congregation.

In addition, the second segment of the infant room now has a new ceiling, and installation of ceiling grid and tiles in the main hallway on the first floor is in progress as well. About half of the hallway was completed on Monday, and we anticipate the remainder of the hallway being completed within the week. In addition, work has begun to patch portions of the ceiling in the Toddler Room and the Music Suite where tiles were removed for plumbing work. Finally, the last of the first floor windows (in Emily’s office) that had been blocked up to create a firewall was covered with drywall and mudded today. Other windows in room 101 and 103 and the Women’s Restroom continue to be sanded and prepared for future painting.

As has been true of the past several months, weather is a factor in completing outdoor work in a timely fashion and we’ve had a particularly wet, wintry, and very cold couple of months. At this time, we are still working toward a construction end date of early April,  with a few weeks following for furniture installation and stocking of materials in preparation for a grand opening of the space in early May.

We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this season. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these waters of renovation together.

–Renee Purtlebaugh