Resolutions for the New Year

Here are the resolutions I made in last weekend’s sermon on John 1, Resolutions for a New Year.

  1. To be about life; to awaken not only our bodies and minds but also our spirits; to live intentionally, joyfully, hopefully, gracefully.
  2. To live in community, to listen carefully, to touch and be touched by the heartfelt needs of others in order to see the true light that is coming into the world.
  3. To turn orthodoxy (right belief and praise) into orthopraxy (right living and practices); talk into walk; believes into beloves; head-thoughts into heart-actions; sentimentality into self-giving Love.

At the end of the service I prefaced the benediction with the well-loved poetry of Howard Thurman:

When the song of the angels is stilled,

When the star in the sky is gone,

When the [Wise Men] are home,

When the shepherds are back with their flock,

The work of Christmas begins:

   To find the lost,

   To heal the broken,

   To feed the hungry,

   To release the prisoner,

   To rebuild the nations,

   To bring peace among brothers [and sisters],

   To make music in the heart.

Now, on to the worship that is our very lives.

~ Joe Phelps