Building Love Renovation Update – Week of January 5

As Christmastide and the New Year arrived, the work of renovation continued throughout our building. Over the past two weeks, several tasks have been completed. After the installation of the stained panel to cover the baptistry opening, demolition began in the robing/dressing areas behind the baptistry. Gutting this area allows it to be reconfigured more efficiently and to make space for the indoor connection from our new lobby space to the tower door of the Sanctuary that is rarely used (behind the location of our Chrismon tree each year). The creation of the new lobby area will allow for this rarely used exit to become functional on a regular basis, as it will provide indoor access to a new stairwell that leads to Fellowship Hall! In addition, the current outdoor stairs to Fellowship Hall underwent demolition over the holiday, and we wait for good weather before construction on the new stairwell can begin. Electrical rough-in, plumbing rough-in, and data port rough-in for technology purposes was also completed over the past two weeks.

This week, plumbing that was installed in first floor classrooms will be covered by soffits that have been designed to cover these pipes. Additionally, a new acoustical drop ceiling will be installed on the first floor in the classrooms and hallways where the previous ceiling tiles were removed. This piece of the project should be completed in a couple of weeks, which means that our first floor will begin to look more and more complete after months of being in construction mode. The second floor continues to take shape, and we hope to have a walk-through for the congregation to see our progress upstairs in early to mid-February. Finally, this week the plastic covering the doorway out into the new lobby space was removed. Be sure to take a look this week as you walk by to see how the new space is coming together!

We are grateful for everyone’s flexibility as we continue through this season. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these waters of renovation together.

–Renee Purtlebaugh