Matthew Johnson Elected Ridgewood Pastor

Matt JohnsonWith palpable excitement in the air, Highland’s partner church Ridgewood Baptist Church voted unanimously to elect Rev. Matthew Johnson as their new pastor. His enthusiastic recommendation from Ridgewood’s Pastor Search Committee was announced several weeks ago, and the church welcomed Matt, his wife Clare, and son Mac to Louisville for a weekend full of meetings, opportunities to get to know Ridgewood, and to preach and worship with the church.

Matt Johnson has a Master of Music from the University of North Texas, a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Master of Divinity from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Matt met his wife, Clare Conway Johnson, while at North Texas and they have a two-year old son, Mac.  Clare is from Houston, Texas.

Significant help was given to the Pastor Search Committee throughout their search from Highland’s pastor, Joe Phelps. Matt and Clare were in Louisville the weekend of August 23-25 and visited Highland where he preached at Friday Church and spent many hours in conversation with the Pastor Search Committee and touring the PRP community and Metro Louisville.  They see this church and area as one in which there is great possibility for ministry and service as part of a thinking, feeling, and healing community.

In reflecting upon his election as Ridgewood’s new pastor, Matt says, “I’m so excited to be the new pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church. Highland’s partnership with our church is the keystone of our growing progressive voice of faith in the PRP community. It is my hope that together we will weave tapestries of love across Louisville with the vibrant strands of grace and justice.”

Matt will begin his tenure at Ridgewood on Sunday, October 6.