Reflections on Vacation Bible School Camp

VBS 2013This past weekend, 31 children and 18 adults traveled to Camp Kavanaugh for our annual Vacation Bible School camp.  On this 11th year of Vacation Bible School taking place in camp form at Kavanaugh, our  theme was Everything Fun Fair: Where God’s World Comes Together. Together we encountered the foundational Biblical reminder to love God with our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  From this foundation, we learned that neighbors are friendly, bold, giving, forgiving and welcoming and that neighbors can be both near to us as well as far, far away.  By discovering more about countries like Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico and Zimbabwe, children encountered their far away neighbors, expanding their worldview as they learned about life in other places.  Throughout the weekend, children also engaged in mission and peacemaking – by creating cards to send to our homebound members, learning about needs in other far away places (like the Imagine No Malaria project), and thinking about ways they can tangibly make peace and welcome neighbors in our world.  It was a wonderful weekend and we are so thankful for the help of those who made donations of time and supplies to our camp experience!



Meal/Snack Supplies:  Jennifer Baker, Janie Blair, Joel Brown, Rob and Lisa Cosby, Joey Whitlock Eubank, Amy Farnsley, Tish Gardner, Steve Helm, Susan Newgard, Susan Pierce, Alison Schureck, Andrea and Cooper Sinclair, Cara Solley, Amy Stewart, Erin Yates, Pat Wells


Supply Preparations: Lauren Blackwell, Ashley Campbell, Linda Campbell, Beth Hedges, Beth and Todd Metcalf, Chip Miller, Ginger and Lewis Miller, Don Temple


Tablecloths: Suzanne Busse


Station Signage and Decorations: Linda Luster


* A few other items appeared without a name attached telling us who donated them. Please know that we are grateful for your gift as well!


At Camp

Thursday Loading Supplies/Setup at Camp: Linda Campbell, John and Rachel Pacyga, Marilyn and David Tucker

Unloading Supplies After Camp: Noah Cooksey, Cara, Tom and Lula Mae Solley, Holly Coryell Smith and Estelle Smith

Cooking Dinner at Camp: Katie Williams

Photographer: Bill Campbell

Adult Chaperones: Jennifer Baker, Kim Baker, Anna Marie Brummett, Angela Collins, Heather French, Stephanie Hall, Beth Hedges, Emily Kaskie, Haroletha Klausing, Beth and Todd Metcalf, Amy Pacyga, Renee Purtlebaugh, Dean and Naomi Sipe, Cara and Tom Solley, Brock and Erin Yates