Schafer Resigns; Ridgewood Begins Search for New Pastor

Steven Schafer Resigns, Pursues Ph.D.

Steven Schafer, pastor of Highland’s partner congregation in southwest Jefferson County, Ridgewood Baptist Church, resigned on Sunday. A search committee will be formed immediately with the hopes of filling the position before his July departure.

Following is an excerpt from Steven’s resignation letter:

“Recently, I have been accepted into a PhD program to study Christian Ethics and Practical Theology. This fall, Linsey and I will be moving to Aberdeen, Scotland, as we seek to follow God’s further leading in our lives… I am hopeful that Ridgewood will be able to use the upcoming 3 months to secure a full-time pastor….”

I am so proud of the things we have accomplished during our time together. From tangible things you can count like increasing attendance, upping the budget every year, and adding to the kingdom new baptized followers of Jesus. To those things you can’t measure: seeing people in their 70’s think about the love of God in new ways, watching students gain the confidence they need to go to college, having conversations with folks in PRP who say, “I know Ridgewood. That’s the church that talks about love.”

Highland will continue our partnership with RBC as they pursue their new pastor. Joe Phelps has agreed to serve as mentor and supervisor to their pastor in this arrangement.  Highland’s financial support of Ridgewood by Highland ends after 2013.

Click here for more information about Highland’s partnership with Ridgewood.

Ridgewood Begins Search for New Pastor

Ridgewood Baptist Church, a CBF/ABC progressive voice of faith in southwest Louisville, Kentucky, in partnership with Highland Baptist Church, seeks candidates for our next full-time PASTOR. Our pastor of three years has resigned to pursue graduate studies abroad and will conclude his ministry in July. We will work to secure a new Pastor before his departure.

Ridgewood is a dynamic church well on its way to being rebuilt from a season of decline. It has a strong staff with two part-time ministers (Music, Youth), averages 70 at present in worship, an annual budget of $136,000, and an aspiration to reach a great number in our area. It is active in local mission and ministry, with a newly created clothes closet for the area.

Ridgewood has been strengthened by a partner relationship with Highland Baptist Church, a kindred-spirit congregation, which allows mentoring and encouragement by the Highland staff. Ridgewood’s pastor is listed at Highland as “Associate Pastor/ Ridgewood.”

Ridgewood prefers candidates who have completed their M. Div. degrees. Male and female candidates are welcome to contact us.


Click here for the Job Description for Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church.

If you are interested in applying for the Pastor position at Ridgewood, please send a resume and cover letter to