Spiritual Reflections on Building Love by Niki

Highland wants to encourage you during our capital campaign to undergird you and your family’s decisions with a spiritual foundation about stewardship. This four-part weekly guide is for you to use for devotional time.

Jesus said, “from everyone to whom much has been given much will be required.” Luke 12:48

Often times we wake up and don’t think a thing about it. We get up and then we think ughhh I just want to sleep. We just missed a big part and we just woke up. The fact that we woke up is a blessing and we didn’t pay any attention to it. I personally have been given so many things that I look over. I have food, water, shelter, and safety. At Highland we are given many things that make us love Highland that makes us different from THAT church. We have a wonderful community consisting of accepting people, we have a beautiful place in which we worship, and we truly go out of these walls to make a mark on the world. Although these things aren’t a new flat screen television, a vacation to the Bahamas, or even a Nook to “read” on and not play games, the things that Highland provides are priceless.

So when Jesus says from everyone to whom much has been given much will be required he is obviously loudly speaking to Highland with flashing lights right? We, here at Highland are given so much and with this much will be required. I don’t have much money but I even started a little bank for the capital campaign in a peanut butter jar where I put change that I may have. If it takes money that smells like peanut butter to keep what I have here at Highland, so be it. I have been given much and I will give accordingly.

~ Niki, high schooler