And This is How We Grieve by Janet Tharpe

And this is how we grieve:

It begins with the pianissimo of disbelief

and crescendos into a cacophony

that hurls questions

toward the heavens where Mercy is mute.

And this is how we grieve:

Incompletely and with little understanding

half limping, half crawling

dazed, disoriented and restless

as we move by rote through our daily routine.

And this is how we grieve:

With anxiety and whispered doubts

that want Grace to account for

the unyielding darkness in which we drift

making us think we have gone blind or mad.

And this is how we grieve:

Not all at once, but intensely until exhausted

until we heave ourselves, spend and silent

Into grief’s lap where we await

the next anniversary of the calendar or of the heart.