Shelby Park: Doing Justice, Loving Kindness, Walking Humbly with God

Highland’s ongoing weekly presence in Shelby Park has been full of Kingdom of God moments in recent weeks! Our time with the kids of Shelby Park and their families has been rich with meaning, and you should be proud of the way Highlanders are serving in our neighboring community!

In recent weeks, we’ve had a variety of activities to stimulate the minds of our kids. One special service project was triggered by Highland’s recent donations to the Shelby Park Ministry through Alternative Gift Cards at Christmas. The kids of the SPCC took the sum total of all the $10 gift card donations, discussed, and voted where they would like to donate this money. After careful consideration, they decided to give this money to St. Vincent DePaul, as many of the kids have personal connections to this organization. Our hope in this endeavor was to create space for our kids to consider the needs of others and have the opportunity to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

Thanks to all the groups and Bible Study classes who have brought dinners, provided activities, and connected with the kids at the Shelby Park Community Center since January: SALT Class, Young Adult Class, Sojourners Class, Disciples Class, Nomads Class, and the Evangelism & Outreach Ministry Group.Thanks also to all who have come to tutor several days a week and who have come to lead activities on Monday nights: Mike McFall, Nancy Goodhue, Katie Deveau, Abby Self, Phillip Garrett, Jillian Garrett, Leslie Townsend, Sarah Kendrick, Allison Keenan, Jill Ligon Davis, Ryan Davis, Robert Kahne, Adam Price, Rachel Bradshaw, Hollan Holm, Kate Holm, Logan Waller, Aaron Smith, Rebecca Street Smith, Sam Barrett, and Emily Hull McGee.

The mom of one of our regular 4th grade boys commented to one of Highland’s volunteers and said, ” He really likes coming here on Mondays. He is only allowed to come to the Community Center when he is good at school, but he always behaves on Mondays.” Thanks be to God for the just, kind, humble work of Love that Highland is doing in Shelby Park!