Highland Approves Major Renovation; Building Love Begins

Highland’s front lawn will become a “staging area” by August, as a major renovation of the facilities upper floor and an “infill” lobby take shape. Construction is scheduled to be completed by April 2014.

The project will make major changes in Children and Youth areas along with improved flow of people inside our facility.

The March 10 called church meeting, moderated by Bruce Maples, included a presentation by architect Bruce Rogers, with explanations of the process by Implementation Chair Bob Harrett. Tracy Holladay, chair of the Fund Raising Committee, explained the plan for paying for the renovation.

The total cost of $2.61M will come from a $1.8M Capital Campaign (funds we will raise), $300,000 from Edie Hoeing gift to Highland, $400,000 borrowed on 10 year loan, $100,000 from previous building funds and maintenance funds. The $400,000 would be borrowed and would repaid from our operating budget, adding $51,000 to our current operating budget—a 4.65% increase.

The measure passed unanimously on a voice vote. The meeting was recorded for those unable to attend; contact the church office to obtain a copy.

In the coming weeks members will learn about the Building Love campaign that will invite everyone—children, youth, and adults—to give generous and sacrificial gifts beyond our regular giving to the operating budget of the church.

Large illustrations showing the proposed changes, new spaces, and exterior facade boards are posted in the Commons.