Wednesday Night Adult Classes for Spring 2013

Highland’s Wednesday night classes for adults continue throughout the spring. All classes meet from 6:15-7:15 p.m. following our weekly fellowship meal (5:15-6:00 p.m.) and time of community prayer (6:00-6:15). Read more here about Wednesday nights at Highland.

We hope you find a place to connect with your particular interests! Contact Nina to sign up for a class.


Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis

Taught by Patricia K. Tull

Wednesday nights, February 27-April 15

In his book The Creation, written as a letter to a Baptist minister, Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson calls religion and science “the two most powerful forces in the world today.” He says, “If there is any moral precept shared by people of all beliefs, it is that we owe ourselves and future generations a beautiful, rich, and healthful environment.” We may search for technological answers to our large ecological problems, but the questions are really human ones: What do we value? How do our lives and values line up?

Christians have long read Scripture to learn about our relationship to God and to other people. But its insistence on our relationship to the natural world has long been ignored, to our loss. In this class we will examine what the Bible teaches about living gratefully and responsibly on this earth, and how it may change our everyday practices, both individually and collectively.

Class Schedule:

February 27: Almost Divine, or Part of Good Creation? (Gen 1-2): There’s an important difference between “having dominion” and dominating the rest of the world by brute force. What is our place in creation?

March 6: Our Identity Crisis (Gen 3-4): We lost our original job, and we’ve been struggling with limitations and human meaning ever since.

March 13: Citizens, Christians, or Consumers? A Culture of Stuff (Isaiah 2; Matthew 6): The advertising industry invites us to serve the wrong gods: is it working for us?

March 20: We Are What We Eat (Exod 16, the Sinai commands): The manna story and the Sinai commands teach the ethics of eating, still relevant today.

April 10: What the Children Are Breathing (1 Kings 21; Ezek 34; Matt 25): Toxic waste may be invisible, but it is poisoning the young, the old, and the poor.

April 17: Climate Change: A More Urgent Timetable (the story of Jeremiah): Sometimes we have to give up denial, trust the prophets, and change our ways.

Patricia K. Tull is A.B. Rhodes Emerita of Old Testament at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. She is a Climate Reality presenter and a Green Team leader, and her book Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis, will appear this December from Westminster John Knox. She lives in Jeffersonville, Indiana with her spouse Don Summerfield and whichever of their six+ kids happen to be at home at any given time.


Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop & Follow-up Classes

Led by members of the Spiritual Formation Ministry Group

Workshop on February 16; classes to follow on Wednesday nights, February 20-March 27

Highland’s Spiritual Formation Ministry Group will host an introductory workshop on centering prayer on Saturday, February 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Led by Mary Otho Ballard, a Dominican Sister of Peace, and Judy Sharer, both of Contemplative Outreach of Kentucky, this workshop will introduce one form of silent prayer as a way to deepen your walk with God. On the six Wednesday nights following the workshop (February 20 through March 27), there will be follow-up sessions that will include talks (on DVD) by Father Thomas Keating, who helped start the centering prayer movement, and time to practice centering prayer in a group and reflect on the practice.

The Saturday workshop will include a lunch. Cost is $10.00, with scholarships available. It is highly recommended that you attend both the Saturday workshop and the Wednesday night follow-up sessions.


Navigating the Retirement Journey…What Does My Path Look Like?

Led by members of the Senior Adult Ministry Group

Wednesday nights, February 27-March 20

Highland’s Senior Adult Ministry will host a four part series on Wednesday nights, beginning February 27th. This series will consist of informational sessions and discussions surrounding the topic of retirement. Many folks in our church body are either nearing retirement age, or have loved ones who need assistance with good decision-making. Understanding that there are a multitude of questions and concerns within the retirement journey, the series will be open to all who are interested. This includes those folks who are simply thinking about tiptoeing onto this path, and those who are ready to put on their boots and stride forward, full speed ahead! Either way, you are welcome to come and explore for yourself this journey of life transition known as “retirement.”

Class Schedule:

February 27: “Can I afford to retire?” – A session exploring all manner of financial concerns

March 6: “Where Will I Live?” – A session to explore planning housing for yourself or assisting loved ones in decision-making

March 13: “How Do I Make My Wishes Known?” – A session exploring how to process and clearly communicate the major decisions of your retirement journey

March 20:“Well, I’ve retired…now what?!?” – A panel discussion exploring questions of identity after entering retirement