My Baptism by Bruce Carroll

Today, I come to profess my faith in Jesus Christ and commit myself to follow him. I believe in Christ’s teachings and will try each day to follow them. Through this rite of baptism, I publicly express my intention to follow Christ.

I was raised as Catholic and served as an altar boy in Sunday Mass. As a young adult I wandered carelessly away from my trust in God’s love but always kept the belief He was there. I felt I just didn’t need Him to be a part of my daily life, or even part of my monthly life. Prayer and conversations with God were few and far between.

As a youth my dedication to Jesus Christ and my church was guided by my parents, teachers and the church; all well intentioned and directed toward my spiritual welfare. Looking back I realize that although the seed was planted with the love of my parents the roots did not develop enough to survive the trials and questions that life’s experiences presented to me as a young adult. The past ten years I’ve been searching for a path back to a meaningful relationship with God.  I’ve prayed for inspiration. I’ve prayed for guidance. I’ve prayed for forgiveness. I’ve searched for a community of faith where I can experience God’s transforming love along with others who shared like feelings…  feelings that God loves us all, no matter our condition in life, and asks each of us to treat one another with love, respect and compassion.

I’ve a lot to learn about expressing my spirituality. I’ve a lot to learn about the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I feel I am in a wonderful place both personally and spiritually to resume that education.

I’ve found spiritual solace here at Highland Baptist Church and its community of faith.