Reflections on True Colors’ Participation in Louisville AIDS Walk by Bojangles Blanchard

True Colors members gathered at the Waterfront Park this Sunday afternoon with several thousand others to take part in the 2012 Louisville Aids Walk. I was so proud of the people who showed up because regardless of the nasty weather, they felt the cause was important enough to be present. People were dressed head to toe in red to commemorate those who’ve passed from AIDS and for those who presently suffer from the disease. As we all gathered for a group photo, the wind picked up and everyone was forced to grab their hats, papers and whatever else may be swept away. Immediately my mind recalled the Feast of Pentecost in the book of Acts, when a mighty wind rushed into the house where the Apostles were gathered and they were filled with the Holy Spirit. Today, as the wind whipped up everything in sight, I was reminded of the Holy Spirit and the fact that God was among us all there. Wasn’t it ironic that the wind and the red both met this past Sunday afternoon and reminded us of ever-present love of God that binds us all together, even in our suffering?

Thank you to all of those who donated from Highland. We were blessed to raise over $700!!!