Highland Launches New Website with Eye to Outreach, Future Growth

After nearly a year-long process of discernment, research, design, and compilation, the Communications Ministry Group introduced Highland’s brand-new website to the congregation on Sunday afternoon to much excitement! Our Communications Ministry Group worked with local web design company, VIA Studios, to produce our new site, and it offers us great potential and usability in this digital age.

In a time where nearly 90% of first-time visitors to churches go first to examine that church’s website, we considered deeply the needs and browsing patterns of visitors and folks who would be intrigued by Highland’s powerful message of God’s transforming Love. The site is full of new words, photos, videos, and stories about our community of faith; please take time to explore it and share it with your friends and networks! Our new site will be critical as we look ahead to major initiatives in the life of the church over the next several months and years.

A team of Highlanders gave their considerable time and talents to make the new website possible, and we are so grateful for their hard work! Thanks to Sheryl Lauder for designing Highland’s new logo and Bill Campbell for his perpetually beautiful and descriptive photographs of our community of faith. Thanks also to the Communications Ministry Group (Rebecca Brown, chair; Cheryl Davis, Ethan Estes, Matt Jablow, Allison Keenan) for their steady and forward-looking advisory work, and to the “Geek Squad” of Bruce Maples, David Bannister, and Ethan Estes for the many hours logged doing tedious background work on our new site.

Two more phases of our web development will roll out in the coming months—a robust online calendar system before the holidays and an e-newsletter in January. Be on the lookout for these new pieces as well!