3rd Sunday Morning Worship Service and 2nd Bible Study Hour Proposed

3-2-1 Task Force Presentation

Fellowship Hall was filled on Sunday, August 19 as the community heard the recommendation of the 3-2-1 Task Force on how Highland could move to three Sunday morning services and two Bible study hours while remaining a single community of faith.

While the idea for a third service and second Bible study hour have been discussed for almost two years, this group took the work of staff and examined it thoroughly before coming up with a proposal for the times our various Bible study classes would meet in order to achieve our goal of creating a new worship service identical to our current 11:00 service. After many months of analyzing the data, exploring various options, and literally looking at every single person and family who attend Bible Study and/or worship at Highland, the group recommended the following schedule:

8:30 a.m.:

  • 30-minute worship service similar to the current 9:00 service
  • Worship Care (Infant—pre-kindergarten)

9:30 a.m.:

  • 1-hour worship service modeled on the current 11:00 service (full liturgical service with choir)
  • Preschool/Children Bible Study/Worship Care (Infant—5th grade)
  • Youth Bible Study (Middle School and High School classes)
  • Adult Bible Study Classes: (Challengers, Disciples, Generations, Nomads, Prodigals, SALT, Seekers, & Young Adults)

11:00 a.m.:

  • 1-hour worship service same as the current 11:00 service (full liturgical service with choir)
  • Preschool/Children Bible Study/Worship Care (Infant—3rd grade)
  • Youth Bible Study (Middle School and High School classes)
Adult Bible Study Classes (Deborah/Ruth, Discoverers, Friendship, New Beginnings, Sojourners, Transformers, & Vineyard)

There is a 30-minute transition time built in between each of the three services.

The church will vote by ballot on the proposal in all weekend worship services September 7-9. If this is approved by the church, the start date for the new schedule would be February 17, the first Sunday of Lent. This start date would allow us to work out any kinks prior to Easter when we traditionally have larger crowds in attendance.

The Task Force began their work by asking “why?” Why are we doing this; why are we messing with this good thing that we have going here at Highland? Our answer to the why is because we are called to share God’s transforming love, called to invite others to experience what we have found at Highland, and called to make room at the table for all. We ask that you remember the why as we move forward with discussion and that you continue to pray for God’s guidance as we move through this process. Members of the task force and staff are willing to answer your questions if you are not able to attend one of the discussion times that are scheduled.

The 3-2-1 Task Force is made up of the following: Lauren Blackwell (chair), Dottie Adams Frank, Alecia Fuller, Walter McWhorter, Geoff Meehan, Alison Schureck, and Kelly Young.