New Fall Classes for Adults Begin August 29

The summer is drawing to a close, and fall is in the air; it’s time for new educational opportunities for ALL ages! Listed below is a preview of all classes being offered for adults on Wednesday evenings during the fall. The variety of class offerings and the times they are offered will give you the opportunity to take up to three classes if you choose. There is something for everyone, and registration will begin Sunday morning, August 12 outside the Sanctuary after services. REGISTRATION for participants is strongly recommended.

Galatians and James: Faith and Works  August 29-November 14

This 12-week study of the books of Galatians and James will explore some BIG ideas presented  in these two small books. Participants may purchase a resource guide if desired for $19 at The class will meet in Fellowship Hall and be led by several teachers.

Practicing Our Faith  August 29-November 14

This class will explore twelve life-giving practices connecting our faith with our daily lives using the book, Practicing Our Faith: A Way of Life for a Searching People by Dorothy C. Bass ($19.95; can be ordered from local bookstores or online). The practices are: honoring the body, hospitality, household economics, saying yes and saying no, keeping sabbath, testimony, discernment, shaping communities, forgiveness, healing, dying well, singing our lives. This 12-week class will meet in the Commons room 122, and be facilitated by John Hendrix and Nancy Goodhue.

It’s Time!: A Call to Missions  August 29-October 3

This six-week class will help participants discover and develop a passion for missions, and then DO justice and mercy as a community of faith. Participants will share in collective experiences and will use CBF materials which are grounded in scripture as the text for the class. Students will become aware of ways we all participate in global missions. As Dr. Daniel Vestal, has said, “God is on mission….In love God sends the Savior, who in turn sends the Spirit, who in turn sends us….” Facilitators of the class will be Grundy Janes, Terri Connolly, and Robert Davis. Enrollment is open to all with a minimum of 5 participants. Resources available to order, though not required: It’s Time…A Journey Toward Missional Faithfulness, Member Journey Guide (personal devotional guide, $6.95) and It’s Time… an Urgent Call to Christian Mission ($6.95). You may order these online if you choose through The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship,

A Positive View of LGBTQ  August 29-September 26

The class will provide an opportunity for guided conversations with LGBTQ folks and those who support and love them. The goal of the class is to gain a better understanding of and appreciation for one’s self and each other. The class will meet for five Wednesdays and will be limited to ten participants. Janet Tharpe will be the leader for class which will meet in room 101.The resource of the class is A Positive View of LGBTQ by Riggle and Rostosky and may be ordered for $30 through the book’s publisher, Rowman and Littlefield at 1-800-462-6420. Purchase of the book is not necessary for participation in the class.

Bible Boot Camp  August 29-October 10

Bible Boot Camp is a seven-week course that provides an overview of the events of the Bible. Its purpose is to give the learner a timeline structure of the Biblical narrative from Creation to the Return of Christ that demonstrates the grand sweep of The Story. By putting these major events in order, along with select background materials, the learner will be better prepared to place future Bible study topics into both historical and theological context. Bruce Maples will teach the class which will meet in room 103, and all resources will be provided by the instructor.

Energy Stewardship  October 3-17

This three-week class will explore the following topics: 1) Energy Stewardship and Our Congregations where we will explore what scripture says about energy usage and how our churches, temples and mosques can be better stewards of God’s creation.  2) Energy Stewardship in the 21st Century explores the questions of where does our energy come from? What are sustainable energy sources? What options do we have? 3) Cool Harvest: Food, Faith and the Environment will examine how our food system is one of the leading contributors of greenhouse pollution and how our choices individually, and as a society, affect our health and our planet. This session will include a 30-minute documentary called “Nourish.” These classes will be facilitated by Mark Steiner, Outreach and Project Director for Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light. Participants may attend one or all three of these offerings in room 101.

When Helping Hurts  October 10-November 14

All are invited to a dynamic study of the systemic effects of poverty and how we as the church can actively work against them, as we study When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor… and Yourself, by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. Over the course of six weeks, participants will explore the many strategies that Christians have used to help the poorest among us and the ways these have both helped and hurt those in poverty. The class will end with focused attention on “asset-based community development” and how Highland is working towards this model in the Shelby Park neighborhood. Led by members of the Shelby Park Leadership Team, the class can hold no more than 20 people and will meet in the Commons. When Helping Hurts is available for purchase online for under $10 or can be borrowed from other church members who already own the book.

Highlights II  October 24-November 14

This four-week class is designed to help participants learn how they are gifted to serve both in the church and in the world. A spiritual gifts inventory, as well as a personality inventory, will help students discern their capacity and passion for serving. The class will be taught by Nina Maples and will meet in Room 103. Resources will be provided at no cost.

Living in Two Cultures: Exploring Advent/Christmas  October 24-November 14
In a world where want is so often interpreted as need and Christmas décor appears nearly everywhere before Halloween, how do our families explore Advent as we wait patiently for the Christ child while living enmeshed in a consumer society?  Join us for four weeks as we think together about ways to honor our religious and spiritual traditions as families with young children in the midst of our traditional cultural celebrations. This class will be facilitated by Renee Purtlebaugh.

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