My Faith Story by Doris Hornbuckle

Written by Doris on the occasion of her election to serve as a Deacon beginning in August 2012

I’ve been a Christian since age 11 – that’s a lot of years of faith story to share in two or three minutes, so here are a few highlights.

My parents weren’t church folks, but when I was about eight, my grandmother rode the bus to our house one Sunday to take her two granddaughters to the local Methodist church and enroll them in Sunday School.  Later we switched to the Baptist church around the corner and it was there I made my profession of faith and was baptized.

There was a family in that church named Hornbuckle – God was already at work and I didn’t know it!  Richard and I were in the youth group together – in fact, one of my youth teachers would become my mother-in-law in a few years!  We’ve continued our involvement in churches throughout our marriage.

Richard was ordained early on. I didn’t think anything about my being ordained – that wasn’t the ‘norm’ then – only men were ordained!  Later on I did wonder:  if God called me to be a deacon, would my church support that?  About 17 years ago, God did and Highland did.  I was ordained here and it was a sacred moment for me. I felt ‘called’ and was excited – then I went to my first deacon’s meeting, where we spent the entire meeting discussing the church budget and how to get more money out of the coke machine. I left very sad that night, thinking that was not what I’d signed up for.  But during our interim with Jim England and on through Joe’s leadership, the definition of ‘deacon ministry’ has changed a lot, from decision makers to care-givers. Twenty-seven men and women are ready and willing to minister to the members of our congregation in any way they can.

I still remember the first time Richard and I entered this sanctuary and the feeling of awe I felt at the beauty of it.  Now some 22 years later, I still am in awe – of the beauty of the place, but even more, of the beauty of the family of faith who make up Highland Baptist Church.  I love being a member of Highland and I love being a deacon here – thanks for the opportunity!