The Brutiful Task of Bidding Farewell

Over the last three months, five of our young adults have said goodbye to Louisville and to Highland as their educational and life journeys have taken them elsewhere.  Off to start Ph.D. programs, Master’s programs, and culinary school, and one to write his doctoral dissertation, these five folks – Kristin Sanders, Mark Williams, Scott Belcher, Derek Hostetter, and Ashley Hostetter – have invested their lives at Highland. Some for a lifetime, some for a few short years, but all who were key leaders and friends who shaped our community in ways we’re still discovering.

Glennon Melton, popular blogger and author of, calls these moments ‘brutiful’ – the place where the brutal and the beautiful, the bitter and the sweet live in tension with one another.

These are the ‘brutiful’ moments of my job – experiencing pure joy in watching our beloved ones step boldly into God’s calling for them, yet feeling the sting of grief as they depart.  And yet, it is in these moments where the great Mystery of the God who holds us together as a beloved community is made real and made known. Thanks be to God for Highland, the space where ‘brutiful’ moments happen in abundance.