Reflections from the Jennifer Knapp Concert by Bojangles Blanchard

Jennifer KnappOn Sunday, April 29, True Colors Ministry of Highland Baptist Church hosted Jennifer Knapp’s Inside Out Faith performance.  The turnout was amazing and the majority of those in attendance were from outside of our church!  It was a wonderful opportunity for them to witness our thinking, feeling, healing faith community up close.  There was no doubt that many had not set foot in a church in a very long time but they’d come to see Jennifer and she didn’t disappoint.

With honesty, humor and genuine emotion, Jennifer sang and dialogued with a crowd of around 300 as though we were all sitting around a living room.  She spoke of her life before, during and after having come out as a lesbian and gave witness to the rejection she received from the Christian community.  It is apparent that Jennifer is a person of deep faith and she poured out those feelings through her songs with a voice that reached directly into our hearts.

Following her set, there was a Q & A session and folk were able to ask Jennifer more in depth questions about her story.  One young girl asked Jennifer if the mean comments she endured from others following her coming out had made her a stronger person in the long run.  With the tragedies of teen suicides fresh on everyone’s mind, the question touched Jennifer and us all deeply.  With compassionate sincerity, Jennifer answered that knowing God loved her gave her the strength to endure the negativity she encountered.

The evening ended with a long line of people lined up to meet and share their stories with Jennifer.  Many also stopped at the True Colors table and learned about what the ministry and Highland Baptist Church are doing to help and minister to our community.   There were tears, laughter and heart-felt conversation all encompassed in the love of God.  It was truly a spiritual event for everyone involved.

Finally, there are two people who worked tirelessly to help the Jennifer Knapp concert take place at Highland and I want to acknowledge them.  Carol Harston and Emily Hull McGee are two of the most kind, compassionate and hard working ministers of the Lord I’ve ever met.  They partnered with me and worked above and beyond to bring this event to fruition.  Without them, it simply would not have happened.  My deepest thanks to both you!

~ Bojangles Blanchard