Love Is Not the Way by James G. Shelton

The hand holding four aces does not ask to be redealt,

And winners don’t ask losers how losing really felt,

Except to lord it over them (like a right jab to the chin).

I would show more empathy but I, too, love to win.


This game lives in a wicked place called power and control;

The foundation beneath is like concrete in your soul.

Its structure is no paradise, like the one Eden displayed;

There is never freedom here: controllers are afraid.



Love is not the way this world is organized;

If it truly were we’d hear far fewer cries.

Poverty of spirit comes from a wealth of lies;

Fear is everywhere you look—just look into our eyes.


Christ’s resurrection was hidden by power-hungry men,

Who fear prophetic words from the One called God’s Amen.

The graveyard guards were bribed to tell a lie, just as they were prepped:

“His disciples came and stole his body as we slept.”


If truth be told, we like a world in which fear dominates,

While lust for control is the forbidden fruit we ate.

We can let the curse eat us alive or use God’s power to bless;

Christ, the risen Savior, turns our No into God’s Yes.


Refrain #2:

Love is not the way this world is organized;

Love’s the way of God, so let us realize:

In the realm of Jesus, God’s peace is each one’s prize.

Yield control to God and then experience Christ rise.


Copyright © 2012 by James G. Shelton (used by permission)

Based on “Our No, God’s Yes: To Conceal or to Declare?” by Joe Phelps

(04.15.12 sermon on Mt. 28:8-15)