An Easter Walk on the Beach by Cheryl Davis

The water glistened as the sun shimmered its way above the horizon.  I walked along at a nice clip, wondering about each person as I passed them.  Sometimes we made eye contact with one another, offered a “Good morning!”  Sometimes not.   I let my mind imagine the stories of those I encountered.  Did the story of Easter hold a place in their hearts?  Did the mystery of the resurrection mean something to them?

  • The woman on her cell phone, exasperation in her voice, “what do you expect me to do?”
  • The couple trolling for treasures hidden beneath the sand, the man skimming back and forth with his metal detector, the woman dutifully dragging a shovel behind her.
  • The German-speaking family trying unsuccessfully to navigate the sand on their bicycles at high tide.
  • The regal, elderly woman in her sweater and bare feet, gracefully strolling along the water’s edge.
  • The new parents, watching their toddler’s every move with a lovely mixture of diligence and exhilaration.
  • The lean jogger, intent on his rhythmic stride and the music streaming in his earbuds.


As I looked into the faces of these people, I was profoundly aware of our connectedness, of the great Love holding our common humanity on this tiny stretch of sand.  Our lives intersected briefly on a beautiful Easter morning, aware or not, in the fullness of God’s Yes to each one of us.