An Easter Reflection by Cheryl Davis

As the alleluias fade from our beautiful Easter services (all three of them!) . . .


. . . the quiet, irresistible revolution of Love continues to whisper, awakening and  calling us


To see our neighbors, our enemies, loved ones and strangers, with God’s eyes,


To build bridges between those with little and those with much.


To live compassionately and take risks for the cause of justice.


To give ourselves gently and consistently to those facing addiction

and homelessness.


To show courage, when giving in to fear would be easier and more convenient.


To love freely, generously and joyously, trusting there will be enough.


To exhibit mercy and patience, looking for the moment to offer a word or a hand.


To be attentive and caring in our relationships with others and

with creation.


And to open our hearts fully and completely to the Mystery that is the way of Christ.