My Faith Story by Matt Jablow

Written by Matt on the occasion of his baptismĀ 

I have denied God my whole life, willing to argue against his very existence with everyone and anyone, yet Christ did not give up on me. I have followed so many paths, experimented in so many ways, wandered from the way he has prescribed, but Christ did not give up on me.

I believe that at times when I was at my lowest, when I was submerged in the darkest periods of my life, he called out, but I would not listen, and still Christ would not give up on me. And although he is a loving God, he is truly a persistent one as well, and when I opened my heart and mind to him, he let me know that all of that was ok, that he forgave what I had done and what I had thought, that throughout it all he loved me and he was with me.

I struggle every day to understand why he would give this fractured creation so many chances, only to realize that I will never understand the depth of his love. I know that I will fail and falter but I know he will always be there guiding me, and if only I allow him to, he will make me better than I ever dreamed possible

I praise Christ everyday for my family and friends. I have felt his peace and crave to learn how to stay within that realm. I thank him for guiding me here, for the people I have met and I look forward to what I have to learn from all of you. Words cannot express the depth of my confidence and confusion, yet I marvel how they co-exist at the same time. I am ready now Christ, lead on.